Training & Outcome Support

The objective of training is to create a smooth transition from legacy reporting techniques to a modern, drill-down investigative capability. The process includes assistance in the recreation of familiar high priority report perspectives that are currently relied upon by your company, with value-added suggestions. Final roll-out includes onsite training plus follow-up remote assistance to support adoption.

Phase 1: Prioritization and Resource Assignments

During this phase, Salient will facilitate a conference call with senior managers from your company to define focal areas for tracking business performance. Advanced users will be identified in your departments to work with Salient to collaboratively build appropriate Bookmarks and Dashboards content together. This content ensures quick ROI and strong adoption.

Phase 2: Bookmark &/or Dashboard Development

This phase consists of a remote training session for advanced users prior to the on-site training event. During this session, conducted by web conference, Salient’s Outcome Support Specialist will work with advanced users from each job role to develop the bookmarks and content to be utilized as a starting point and long-term by knowledge-workers. This approach helps to ensure the most productive use of on-site time and supports a higher confidence level for novice users who have never had the opportunity to utilize a flexible, interactive data discovery platform like Salient’s.

During this phase, Salient will assist in the creation of dozens of bookmarks or Dashboards depending on the scope of the agreement and the participation level each client commits. These bookmarks will be tailored to specific roles and decision-support needs. Salient’s software includes a wide variety of pre-sets (analysis with a variety of grid and chart types) to support common business perspectives.

Phase 3: On-Site Training

Salient will provide end users with business training focusing on leveraging the power of the Salient application to identify opportunities to improve productivity and profitability based on the root cause analysis bookmark examples created during Phase 2.

Phase 4: Training Follow-up and Ongoing Outcome Support

Approximately two to three weeks after the on-site training event, Salient’s Outcome Support Team will follow up with company managers to assess the success of the roll-out and user adoption and to discuss options such as incentives based on improved performance to further motivate a performance-based culture.

Other areas for discussion during this phase can include:

  • Additional training courses or a periodic training program
  • Evaluation of a “train-the-trainer” program to provide for development of internal trainers and power-users

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