Salient Wows Medicaid Redesign Team

One portion of the Medicaid Redesign Team’s Oct. 5 meeting turned into a love fest for a software company, Salient Healthcare. The Albany-based company is now turning the MRT meeting into a marketing opportunity— and justifiably so. Salient’s product has been used by the state’s Office of the Medicaid Redesign Inspector General for about a year. But the state Department of Health recently became a fan, too, of the number-crunching software. Greg Allen, director of financial planning and policy at the Office of Health Insurance Programs, ran a demo of Salient’s Medicaid visual data mining tool in his presentation on waste, fraud and abuse. At one point, Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah told the audience that using Salient’s software was “a way that hospitals can dive down and see what they’re paying for readmissions and sepsis and central-line infections, and make a difference in real time and track it over real time. … We should all take it upon ourselves … to use this tool.” Medicaid Director Jason Helgerson called the product “a very positive thing for public discourse,” adding that “you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to use it.” A marketer’s dream come true? Little wonder that Salient packaged the MRT’s rave reviews at

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