Salient Launches Dashboard Apps for iOS and Android

HORSEHEADS, NY – NOVEMBER 20, 2014 – Salient Management Company, developer of enterprise analytics software, announced today that it has released iOS and Android apps for its latest web dashboards release v5.7.

“Our core focus was to make it extremely easy for users to drill down into transaction-level data using their mobile devices,” said Salient’s CEO, Guy Amisano. “By doing this, we’ve essentially removed the limits that users face with typical BI dashboards. Our clients deal with thousands of decisions made by scores of managers every day. For these apps to hold real value, managers need to be able to drill down to granular data, so they can see the effects of their own actions. Without that, they’re left with assumptions.”

Along with seamless drill down capabilities, Salient Mobile includes additional flexibility features such as adjustable time frames, filters that can be saved for frequent use and an offline mode for viewing dashboards while disconnected from their in-memory Salient data mart server.

Salient Mobile dashboards put critical information at the fingertips of every user in their mobile device in a simple native app. Users can select detailed information and view widgets just as they can in Salient’s traditional web-based dashboards, but with the advantage of an optimized user experience on their iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.

Dashboards are fully integrated with both the web-based and mobile app versions. In the webbased dashboard builder, users create and publish dashboards using a variety of drag-and-drop widgets, filters, and design options. All published dashboards are instantly available in both the web-based and native mobile app versions.

As part of Salient’s technology platform, the Collaborative Intelligence Suite v5.7, Salient’s mobile apps are available at no extra cost for users with Salient Dashboards licenses. Clients can contact Salient Technical Support to download Salient Mobile.

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Salient Management Company provides advanced visual data mining and enterprise analytics systems for a broad range of data intensive programs and organizations in CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Public Sector and Education industries. Founded in 1986, Salient today serves more than 115,000 users in 61 countries. For more information contact:
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