O’Mara Says New Medicaid Fraud Recovery Report Highlights Effectiveness of Salient Data-Mining

Albany, N.Y. — State Senator Tom O’Mara (R,C-Big Flats) said that today’s report from the state Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) that New York recouped more than $851 million in Medicaid fraud recoveries in 2013 is good news, and it highlights the effectiveness of data-mining fraud prevention software like that developed by the Horseheads-based Salient Management Company.

“It’s important news that our efforts to aggressively target Medicaid abuse, fraud and waste are beginning to pay off the way they should,” said O’Mara, noting that the Legislature created the OMIG in 2006. “It also serves to highlight the effectiveness of New York State’s utilization of the cutting-edge, data-mining technology offered by our local Salient Management Company to identify and prevent this fraud. I’ve long called for the more widespread use of Salient’s fraud prevention software in this ongoing effort to stop Medicaid waste. It’s a wise, cost-effective investment that should be expanded.”

O’Mara added, “State and local property taxpayers will continue to demand and deserve a ‘zero tolerance’ policy to combat the millions upon millions, if not billions of taxpayer dollars lost to Medicaid abuse. We need to stay focused on putting a stop to the overutilization, mismanagement and, regrettably, scams and rip-offs that continue to plague New York’s system of Medicaid. That remains a fundamental priority. Huge amounts of upstate tax dollars go to support vast Medicaid spending statewide, especially in New York City, and we deserve better than to keep footing the bill for Medicaid mismanagement and misspending.”

O’Mara has long called for more aggressive efforts to eliminate abuse, fraud, and waste within New York’s system of Medicaid, which is projected to soon cost taxpayers more than $55 billion annually. He continues to sponsor legislation (S.3284) in the Senate, for example, to reimburse counties for the cost of purchasing software like that developed by Salient that could help pinpoint cases of fraud and other abuses within New York’s system of Medicaid.

Salient has developed and continues to fine-tune a computer software package, already successfully used by Chemung and nearly a dozen other counties statewide, as well as the state OMIG, that numerous officials believe can point the way to hundreds of millions and potentially billions of dollars more in Medicaid fraud and waste prevention at the state and local levels.

Read the full OMIG announcement HERE.

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