Keep Your Employees Informed to Kick Process Improvement into Overdrive

Process improvement should be a continuous effort in any organization. Informed employees— down to the lowest level manager —support process improvement because they are empowered to make the most profitable decisions for themselves and their organizations. Victoria Vessella of Business 2 Community expands on this concept:

The results of process improvement can be measured in the enhancement of product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, increased productivity, development of the skills of employees, efficiency, and increased profit.

…Employees will be more engaged if they are involved in process improvement because they will come to realize how their individual suggestions benefit the entire organization. Effective communication tools are essential for field reps to relay their process improvement recommendations.

Actionable information is necessary for smarter, better-informed decision-making. As Salient CEO Guy Amisano frequently asserts, “there is never a reason not to know” when it comes to your organization’s data. Vessella adds:

It is impossible to enact change without data about which business processes are working successfully or unsuccessfully for an organization. …Fortunately, there are Field Activity Management software solutions available that provide reps with a means of fast and accurate data collection directly from their mobile devices.

Salient believes that a successful organization must make information available at the point of value creation, whether on the factory floor or throughout the supply chain. With the help of accurate and timely access to data, organizations can keep their clients satisfied and outperform competitors. Learn more about Salient’s process improvement software, which has proven to be one of the most dynamic and innovative solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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