Informing All Levels of Business

Paradoxical to what many of his peers professed, Peter Drucker’s management philosophy was focused not on commodities, but on people. Drucker understood that at every level of a business, each employee is a decision maker, capable of bringing value intelligence into any situation to impact the enterprise and improve efficiency.

When issues arise within a particular level of an organization, the only individuals qualified to address those issues are workers operating on that level. The chief executive officer making decisions about inventory supplies, for example, would be unfamiliar with the daily needs of the janitorial staff; those real-time inventory decisions should be made by employees who maintain the company’s facilities. Still, many companies struggle with this concept of empowering employees with the relevant information needed to make decisions at the point of value creation.

Consider a common scenario: Level B has encountered a problem, but Level A has the information explaining why that problem occurred. While Level A is not looking to solve the problem that Level B is facing, only Level A’s employees possess the crucial information needed to fix it. Without placing that information in the hands of the right people, the issue will never be resolved long-term.

As Peter Drucker postulated, providing small – but relevant – seeds of information can empower an employee to yield big fruit for your company. Since its inception, Salient has remained dedicated to helping our clients see their organizations through a new lens – a lens that reveals the power of actionable information in the hands of decision-makers at every level of the organization, empowering them to be more informed, more focused, and more committed to improved profitability.

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Informing All Levels of Business

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