HPC Foodservice Grows Revenue With Margin Minder


  • 12-15 disparate data systems used to run operations
  • None of it tied together
  • Reporting was complex and time-consuming
  • Problems not being solved in time
  • Needed one system to bring everything together
  • 2% of Sales coming back in Credits


  • 11 million records a year
  • Data from sales, inventory, accounting, GL, engineering and operating standards
  • All decision-makers utilize Salient
  • 40 Load-n-Go users out in the field
  • Implementation took less than eight weeks


  • Accurate answers as fast as you can click
  • Sales and gross profit have increased
  • Reduced credits to goal of .75% of sales within four months

Download this free case study to learn more about how HPC uses Salient to improve their decision making.

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The bottom line is that Salient makes us a better company.