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Golden Flake Improves Profitability at all Levels using Margin Minder®

Business Challenges:

  • Field sales managers lacked visibility of new product introductions
  • It was difficult to measure promotional effectiveness
  • Leveraging meaningful information was a cumbersome process that was time-consuming


  • Golden Flake implemented Margin Minder to help measure sales performance and included capabilities to measure route efficiency and returns


  • Executives can now measure effectiveness of promotions to improve store planning and manufacturing efficiency
  • Managers can now determine the exact penetration level of new products down to the route, chain and individual store
  • Margin Minder has enabled Golden Flake to improve profitability at all levels of the company

Download this free case study to learn more about how Golden Flake uses Salient’s Margin Minder to improve their decision making.

Download the Case Study

Salient’s Margin Minder has helped us become much smarter manufacturers.

Randy Bates
VP of Sales and Marketing
Golden Flake Snack Foods