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Gaining Enterprise-Wide Visibility to Drive Better Performance


  • Centralizing reporting and analytics after merging eight bottlers into one
  • Digitally transforming business operations
  • Effectively engaging retail customers and consumers
  • CCEAG quickly recognized that economic power was shifting away from the retailer and into the literal hands of consumers and they needed a way to better understand their customers in order to integrate into this new digital path-to-purchase.
  • Data feed was not consistent, and leadership was constantly stuck figuring out how to calibrate the numbers.


  • Implemented Salient’s Margin Minder® and Collaborative Intelligence Suite across commercial operations.
  • Created a self-service corporate culture.
  • Leveraged customer insights to improve relations.
  • They armed their sales force as well as management and executive teams with both mobile and browser-based drill able dashboards for standard and dynamic reporting.
  • By empowering employees to interrogate data in order to make the best decision at any point in time using Salient’s software.
  • CCEAG provided their entire sales team with standard mobile dashboards, allowing the sales force of more than 2,000 users to view their business via iPads; 1,000 users rely on Margin Minder on desktop to optimally execute sales support functions.
  • leveraged maps of the social and demographic data of each territory they worked in to closely monitor its customers and sales reps in each location.


  • CCEAG is able to implement new services with their customerrs to connect with shoppers digitally.
  • Empowered better decision-making across the enterprise
  • Rated #1 Value Adding FMCG Company in Germany
  • Increased profits by 40-50% in 2015

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This year we are adding about 40-50% to our bottom line. I strongly believe that the work we have done with Salient is a key contributor to that growth that we can see and I’m very excited about what’s coming next.