David Giannetto Featured in CGT Review and Outlook 2013

David F. Giannetto

SVP, Performance Management
Salient Management Company

Information is quickly becoming the single most valuable asset owned by any organization, and 2013 will mark the year when management finally takes control of its demand for richer, more holistic business information, shifting control away from pure technologists.

The warning signs have been there: Big Data and mobile technology as the hot topics for 2012; the increased focus on performance measures; increased year-after-year spending on BI; the emergence of social media analytics; and master data management and governance receiving increased discussion among business users. All of these are unified by one common thread — business users demanding better information. But so far this has had little tangible impact on spending, operations or business processes. That will change.

This shift is also more insidious than it first seems. Transactional systems such as ERPs, RAS and POS will no longer be evaluated solely on their ability to process transactions. POS programs will be valued on more than just their ability to handle revenue. Data warehouses will be considered non-value added solutions. Even social media will be required to provide meaningful information about consumer behavior and decision-making.

This shift will also affect people. A manager’s performance will be measured with greater insight into his or her usage of this newly available information, while technologists will be judged based upon the value of the information they deliver, not the systems they implement. For the first time people, process and technology will all finally come together through a single-minded focus on the creation, maintenance and consumption of this key, invaluable asset.

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