Salient Interactive Miner

The most powerful tool in the Salient software suite.

Answer all your most important questions in an instant.

Don’t Wait

The world’s fastest and most scalable business intelligence solution. With zero latency; you don’t have to wait minutes or hours to generate reports and get the answers you need to drive your business. Comb through millions of rows of data in just seconds. Salient’s desktop solution is built to save your business on its two most valuable resources, time and money.

See It All

Salient’s desktop business intelligence solution combines visual data mining with a focus on value added, the data points that are truly benefiting your bottom line. Interact, drill, and find extra value at all layers of your data. Select, group, or filter your data and then drill into it to see relationships at each level. Gain access to the deepest possible accounting of your organization to gain true insight into your production.

Let me give you something that will give you your answers in the least amount of time and the least amount of effort.

Dean Aiello
Director of Finance, Bimbo Bakeries USA

Our Clients

Coca-Cola UNITED Scales with Salient’s Software

Coca-Cola UNITED Benefits from Salient’s flexible analytics platform

Watch Coca-Cola UNITED’s executives talk about how Salient’s software impacts their day to day.

Bimbo Bakeries USA Identifies Opportunity with Salient’s Software

Bimbo uses Salient storyboards to drive business performance

Bimbo Bakeries USA managers identified up to six figures of potential savings in only 10 minutes of use.

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