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Best-of-Breed Strategy Supports Innovation


  • Develop a disciplined price-setting process
  • Amplify sales effectiveness in a merger environment
  • Combine two separate sales teams into one cohesive team
  • Re-define sales roles and commission structures in a competitive environment


  • Unify all sources of sales information into Salient’s Margin Minder system
  • Realign the sales and distribution functions
  • Improve distribution by implementing dynamic routing
  • Introduce a price-setting process known as “deal creation”


  • Delivered over $1.25M straight to the bottom line by reducing costs associated with sales and delivery
  • Reduced the new product sales execution cycle from 6 weeks to about 2 weeks
  • Positioned company for more growth through mergers and acquisitions

Download this free case study to learn more about how Pepsi Bottling Ventures uses Salient to improve their decision making.

PBV Innovation


We have integrated the Margin Minder system into our business and have seen significant improvements in our operating margins and efficiency with the way we conduct our business.

Derek Hill,
V.P. of Corporate Planning
Pepsi Bottling Ventures