The Mission

Empower continuous improvement through data.

Salient’s approach to continuous improvement is to enable decision makers to take timely and precise action to eliminate waste or expand opportunity. The key to improving performance is timely and specific knowledge, in the hands of the decision makers, at the point of value creation.

We enable organizations of any size to gather facts from anywhere and compute precisely how every sort of activity adds value. Then we deliver this knowledge to every person in time to execute optimally.

A better way to Lean.

The primary objective of most leaders today is to raise productivity – to achieve more and better at the same or lower cost.

But “lean” productivity enhancement methods like Six Sigma, Kaizen, TQM, ABC/ABM and Balanced Scorecard pose challenges: they can be hard to implement, maintain and institutionalize, and may depend on expensive outside experts.

Salient’s approach simplifies and softens the shift to lean management.

Our solution does not rely on inference from statistical sampling or fragile spreadsheet tables to allocate indirect overhead. Rather, it relies on the intuition and the special knowledge of field-level operators and managers who are close to transactions with customers.

You can expect a fundamental change in management accountability and control.


The Method

Drive Better Results.

Salient presents organizations with a new reality: there is nothing that can’t be known, acted upon in time, and accounted for. Salient delivers continuous feedback that exposes flaws, enables timely adjustment and drives continuously better results.


All together, the practice provides a continuous performance feedback loop that allows decision-makers to autonomously optimize efficiency in a radical way. The result is an aligned, empowered workforce that fundamentally improves the efficiency of your organization.



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Company Overview

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